About the Author

David Christopher Johnston

David Christopher Johnston is a fiction writer from England. He is the author of numerous short stories and the upcoming satirical fantasy novel, The Infinite Woes of Being a Hero

David writes humorous and satirical fiction — ignoring the advice of numerous teachers who told him (all those years ago) that “joking around won’t get you anywhere in life” — but dabbles in other genres from time to time. His stories focus on themes of mental health, class prejudice and the modern working world.

David is a qualified lawyer and worked for many years in commercial law practices in the United Kingdom prior to becoming an author. He devotes much of his spare time to raising awareness and reducing stigma about mental health and wellbeing.  He also enjoys music, chuckling to his own jokes, and hiking in the British countryside with family and friends.

If you want to read more of David’s work there are several short stories available on the Short Stories page (along with links to his published pieces). Information about his upcoming longer fiction can be found on the Books page.