The Infinite Woes of Being a Hero

This upcoming satirical fantasy novel by David Christopher Johnston tells the story of Sir Barry of Bognor, a modern day knight in shining armour who hates his job and longs to quit. Based on the author’s published short story of the same name, (read here), Infinite Woes follows this charming, yet delusional protagonist as he battles office politics, difficult clients and the unwanted pressures of fame and fortune. Fantasy and fairy tale meets modern world in this humorous tale. The Infinite Woes of Being a Hero is coming soon

Caution Frisbees

This short story collection from David Christopher Johnston includes six humorous tales that ponder the everyday dramas of love, work-life balance, boredom and the cat that uses your garden as a toilet. The collection includes the author's previously published short stories, The Infinite Woes of Being a Hero (2020), and Three (2021), plus four previously unpublished stories. The author's astute observations of the human condition combined with his satirical wit will make you laugh and cry in equal measure. Caution Frisbees is coming soon