Short Stories

The Bad Elf

Published by Literally Stories on 9 February 2023, The Bad Elf is a dark fantasy story about an elf who takes revenge on Santa Claus and his evil minions

Ward 31

Ward 31

Published by Bandit Fiction on 9 December 2022, Ward 31 tells the story of a hospital ward at night, where boredom, loneliness and exasperation collide beneath the stern gaze of a Ticking God

The Man in the Rain

Published by Bandit Fiction on 24 February 2022, The Man in the Rain is a satirical comedy about friendship, takeaway food, prejudice, and waiting for the last bus during a storm

Ten Sheets to the Wind

Published by Bandit Fiction on 16 July 2021, Ten Sheets to the Wind is a harrowing tale of helplessness and tragedy. WARNING: contains themes of mental illness and suicide


Published by Bandit Fiction on 6 January 2021, Three is a romantic comedy about a widower reluctantly attending a speed-dating event at the local village hall

The Infinite Woes of Being a Hero

Published by Bandit Fiction on 5 August 2020, The Infinite Woes of Being a Hero is a satirical comedy about a knight in shining armour who hates his job and longs to quit

Safety Pins

An abstract comedy about two friends texting while bored at work. Annoying managers, useless printers and irritating colleagues abound

The Truth About Santa Claus

A festive comedy about little white lies, the inquisitiveness of children, and that mysterious man in a red suit 

Last Day

The romantic tale of a devoted husband and his memories of love, life and happiness