Short Stories

Ten Sheets to the Wind

Published by Bandit Fiction on 16 July 2021, Ten Sheets to the Wind is a harrowing tale of helplessness and tragedy. WARNING: contains themes of mental illness and suicide


Published by Bandit Fiction on 6 January 2021, Three is a romantic comedy about a widower who reluctantly attends a speed-dating event at his local village hall

The Infinite Woes of Being a Hero

Published by Bandit Fiction on 5 August 2020, The Infinite Woes of Being a Hero is a satirical fantasy about a knight in shining armour who hates his job and longs to quit

The Truth About Santa Claus

A festive comedy about little white lies, the inquisitiveness of children, and that mysterious man in a red suit who climbs down your chimney on Christmas Eve

The Man in the Rain

A comedy about two drunken lovers as they wait for the last bus on a stormy, summer night

Last Day

A romantic tale of a devoted husband and his memories of love, life and happiness

Flash fiction short story ward 31

Ward 31

A tale of insomnia, boredom, pain and humour beneath the watchful eye of a ticking God